Your Favorite Cocktail to Drink, According to Your Zodiac Sign (2022)

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Human beings have been drinking alcoholic beverages since the beginning of time (and there’s no sign of that stopping). If you’re currently getting ready for a night out on the town sipping on cocktails with all your favorite people, you might want to ask your bartender for your zodiac sign’s favorite drink to order. According to the stars, it might just hit that sweet spot.

Although grabbing a beer or uncorking a bottle of wine can feel satisfying, there’s nothing compared to the decadent feeling of ordering a cocktail from a mixologist who knows what they’re doing. Whether you’re hitting up the snazziest and most exclusive lounges or preparing beverages in your tiny apartment kitchen, a well-made cocktail will never not be something to celebrate. Not only can it turn an ordinary evening into a special one, but you feel fancy while doing it.

A cocktail is filled with many different layers. It contains notes that could be strong, botanical, fruity, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy or even smokey. And like each zodiac sign, a cocktail has many different sides to it. From the moment it touches your lips to the moment is cascades down your throat, the experience of drinking a cocktail has many peaks and valleys. By understanding the cocktail that captures each zodiac sign, you’ll have an even better—and sillier—understanding of yourself. Here’s why:

The Cocktail That Captures Each Zodiac Sign

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Cadillac Margarita

When you’re ready for a night out on the town, you go all out! You’re not here for taking slow and petite sips until you gradually build up to a buzz. If you’re not ordering shots of tequila right from the get-go, you’re asking your bartender for a Cadillac margarita and you’re not skimping on the Grand Marnier! And while you may not have the stomach for two or three… or four… you’re at the very least kickstarting the evening with one.

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Piña Colada

You’re ruled by Venus—planet of luxury and sensuality—and nothing capture the feeling of taking time off to take the edge off than a piña colada. Between the way its creamy coconut blankets your tongue and the way the rum coats your throat, it will have you dreaming of tropical getaways and drunken nights on the town with your besties. You have no problem with ordering the most decadent thing on the bar menu!

Espresso Martini

If you’re a Gemini, you know you have places to go and people to see. That’s why an espresso martini covers all your bases (and it satisfies your desire to feel like a rocket is shooting through you). The vodka lowers your inhibitions and enhances your gift of the gab while the caffeine allows you to keep the conversation going into the wee hours of the night. You want to feel energized by your cocktail, not ready to go to sleep!

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Moscow Mule

There’s no cocktail with a cozier vibe than a Moscow mule. Between the glistening copper mug that it always comes in and the refreshing flavor of ginger beer that kicks right in after the vodka—you’re in heaven! Cancers crave a feeling of safety and security at their social outings and a Moscow mule gives them something sweet to hold onto. Plus, it never gets old and it’s hard for a bartender to mess up. The more you drink, the more you feel right at home!

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Not only are the flavors of a mojito both sweet and refreshing, you look like such a diva spinning the mint leaves into the ice with your straw as you gossip with friends. There’s nothing that makes you feel quite as chic as a mojito done well, which is why only opting for freshly squeezed lime juice and top shelf white rum! If you can tell your bartender didn’t put their heart and soul into the drink, you know it just won’t taste as good.


You love to get boozy, but your association with upset tummies means you’re more discerning in what you choose to imbibe. With a Penicillin, you’re getting a bold dose of Scotch whiskey, but you’re also getting the lemon juice, honey and ginger to wash it down! This cocktail is often garnished with a delectable piece of ginger candy, which settles your stomach the moment you start to feel the alcohol-induced indigestion creep on. Plus, you look so cocktail-savvy when you order it!

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Aperol Spritz

Nothing is more chic than a bright orange Aperol spritz! It’s bittersweet botanical flavors make it an aromatic experience and it won’t sour your breath. Its bold and coppery appearance matches each of your carefully thoughtfully styled ensembles. While it’s not ridiculously heavy on the alcohol, it’s definitely bursting with flavor, which leaves you feeling that “I’m in love” type of drunk, rather than the “my life is over” type of drunk.

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Dark, yet romantic. Bitter, yet sweet. Mysterious, yet obvious. You are the most enigmatic zodiac sign of all, but you’re also the most intense. That’s why a classic Manhattan satisfies you on all fronts! The rye whiskey allows you to lower your guard and let others in on your secrets. The brandied cherry makes you feel like inviting someone over to your place. Oh, and the coupe glass it arrives in always matches your all-black outfit.


The Negroni is like a cousin to the Aperol Spritz, but there’s something much more intense about this one. While you love the fizzy, citrusy flavors of the Campari and the bold dose of liquor from the gin, it’s the bite of vermouth that brings out your wild side. Oh, and because you know you’re always in the mood to try something new, you should hop on the trend of using “spaciago”, which involves a more subtle and romantic Prosecco instead of vermouth!

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Old Fashioned

No cocktail gives off Mad Men vibes more than the Old Fashioned. And because you love feeling like a boss, you’re always looking for a mixologist who knows how to make a *real* Old Fashioned. If anyone dares to make you this classic bourbon cocktail with slices of orange and a maraschino cherry, you’ll know never to come back again. Come on people—a real Old Fashioned should only be served with an orange peel (and a pressed ice ball to boot)!

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Bottomless Mimosas

For you, it’s not so much about what you’re drinking but *who* you’re drinking with. Aquarius is often a social and community-oriented zodiac sign who loves to get together with people, even if they’re shy. When you invite everyone over for brunch and bottomless mimosas, it instantly breaks the ice! You can make your mimosa as strong or as light as you desire and you can easily refill pitchers of it to keep everyone buzzing throughout the afternoon.

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Blue Lagoon

You don’t mind that Blue Lagoons are bright blue from the curaçao and heavy on sugar from the lemonade. In fact, you secretly prefer it, because you *know* you’re extra. You’re someone who wants to be transported to a different reality when you’re drinking something boozy. Not only does the cool color remind you of tropical turquoise water, but the added sweetness brings it to a whole new level of fantasy. Just remember to protect your energy while you imbibe!

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