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Teen Wolf 3: Rise of the Alphasis a 2018 American Action Supernatural Film, based off of the 2011 TV Series of the same name, and will premier in theaters on June 3, 2018, and is a sequel to the 2016 film,Teen Wolfand the 2017 film, Teen Wolf 2, as the third of six installments, and features Dylan Sprayberry, Jonny Gray, Kira Kosarin, Emilia McCarthy, Tyler Hoechlin, Jadin Gould, Gideon Emery, Haley Webb, Robert Downey Jr, and J.R. Bourne as the main cast of Teen Wolf 3, and starts months after the previous film, as Scott McCall now battles an entire pack of Alphas, and finds that he is becoming an Alpha himself.

The film is followedbyTeen Wolf 4: Lost in the Void, which was released on March 23, 2019, and later in 2020 by Teen Wolf 5: The Dead Pool.Teen Wolf 6, however, was split into two parts, Part 1: Lost and Divided being released on March 2, 2021, and Part 2: The Lost Werewolf being released later that year in December.

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Four months after stopping Gerard and the Kanima, beta werewolf, Scott McCall continues his normal life as he begins his junior year of High School, with his friends, Stiles, Allison, Lydia, and Isaac, as his sister, Melanie, begins her sophomore year, but now, Scott finds himself and his pack facing a new supernatural threat. They must battle, not just one Alpha, but an entire pack of Alphas, lead by Deucalion, the Demon Wolf, who will stop at nothing to gain power, but Scott realizes they're not just after Derek, but they're after him too, as Deaton reveals that Scott is rising to become a True Alpha. To make things worse, a dark druid, the Darach, is commiting human sacrifice to grow more powerful in order to destroy Deucalion and his Alpha pack. Now Scott must unite his own pack in order to save Beacon hills and stop his enemies, before the Lunar Eclipse renders all the werewolves powerless, and must become the Alpha he was meant to be.


  • Dylan Sprayberry as Scott McCall,a now 17 year old teenager at Beacon Hills High, who was formerly an unpopular benchwarmer, until being bitten by former alpha, Peter Hale, in the first film, turning him into a beta wolf. His friends and sister are considered his pack, as he finds himself becoming a True Alpha, without having to take the power. As a werewolf, he is faster and stronger than humanly possible, with enhanced senses, and grows claws, wolf fangs, pointy ears, and extensive amounts of hair on arms and face. His eyes initially glow yellow as a werewolf, until he becomes an Alpha, in which his eyes glow red.
  • Jonny Gray as Stiles Stilinksi,Scott's best friend, considerably his brother, and teammate on the Field Hockey team, as well as an honorary member of his pack. Stiles was the first person to know Scott's secret in the first film, and helps lock him up on Full Moons. Stiles is very smart, sarcastic, quick, and clever, and provides comic relief in tense situations. His father is the Sheriff of Beacon Hills, and he harbors a secret crush on Lydia Martin
  • Kira Kosarin as Allison Argent,Scott's ex-girlfriend and a good friend of Scott, Stiles, and best friend to Lydia, as well as an honorary member of Scott's pack. Her father has now retired from werewolf hunting, and wants to keep Allison from it, but she defies him and helps them anyway, using her skill to shoot a bow n arrow. She also begisn training Melanie to fight, and eventually reunites with Scott.
  • Jadin Gould as Melanie McCall,Scott's younger sister, who he is very close to, and a sophomore at Beacon Hills High School, as she is only a year younger than Scott and his friends, and is an honorary member of his pack, and begins training with Allison. She is a skilled athlete in Soccer and is easy going, smart, and loyal to her friends and family, especially her brother
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale,a werewolf from birth, whose family died in a fire set by Kate Argent. After killing the alpha, his uncle Peter, he became the alpha himself, and began creating his own pack, but they left him. Now he needs to avoid a pack Alphas that want him to join them. He is now more of an ally to Scott and his pack. Due to him being an Alpha werewolf, his eyes glow red when he transforms.
  • Emilia McCarthy as Lydia Martin, a popular girl in Beacon Hills, and Allison's best friend, and a good friend to Scott and Stiles, who she has become close too, appearing to mature and become caring, and is also an honorary member of Scott's pack. She was immune to the Alpha's bite and is concluded to be something supernatural. She is later identified as a banshee, as she is able to sense death.
  • Ross Lynch as Isaac Lahey, a beta werewolf that was bitten by Derek when he was trying to build his pack, but during the course of the previous film, he helped Scott and joined his pack, seemingly being the only werewolf in his pack. He and Melanie become close and feel romantically attracted to each other. Due to himself being an beta, his eyes glow yellow.
  • Adelaide Kade as Cora Hale, Derek's younger sister and a beta werewolf from birth. In the beginning of the film, Derek and Scott found her alongside Voyd, locked up in a bank vault by the Deucalion's pack of Alphas, and reunited with her brother.
  • Gideon Emery as Deucalion,the Alpha leader of an entire pack of Alpha's, who is known as the "Demon Wolf". He sent his pack to Beacon Hills for Derek, who was already an alpha, to join him, along with Scott, who was beginning to become a true alpha. He was blinded years ago by Gerard, and uses his other senses to fight. He can transform into a large red wolf beast.
  • Haley Webb as Jennifer Blake, Scott and Stiles' new English teacher at Beacon Hill's High, who finds an injured Derek and helps, later asking for his help in killing Deucalion after Scott reveals her to be the Darach, a dark druid sacrificing people for power.
  • Felisha Terrel as Kali, an Alpha werewolf in Deucalion's pack and his second in command, who likes to taunt and conjole her enemies. She stays barefoot throughtout the film and uses her claws to fight in a martial arts-like mannor. Due to her Alpha status, she has red eyes.
  • Charlie and Max Carver as Ethan and Aiden,a pair of alpha werewolf twins in Deucalion's pack of Alpha's, who can merge together to become one large beast creature. Like all alphas, Ethan and Aiden have red eyes in their werewolf form.
  • Brian Patrick Wade as Ennis, a big and strong member of Deucalion's alpha pack.
  • J.R. Bourne as Chris Argent,Allison's father and a werewolf hunter veteran. He is a strong-minded, no-nonsense man, and while initially hostile to Scott, threatening him to stay away from Allison, due to his family's crusade, he does have a sense of honor and morals, and gave up hunting so he and his daughter can have a normal life, but that doesn't last long.
  • Seth Gilliam as Dr. Alan Deaton,a veterinarian at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic and Scott's boss. Deaton is wise, unflappable, inscrutable, a dedicated pacifist, and has a mysterious past. He acts as a mentor to Scott, due to his vast knowledge and experience in the supernatural.
  • Melissa Ponzio as Melissa McCall,Scott and Melanie's overworked, but comforting and loving mother, as well as a close friend of Sheriff Stilinski's and a surrogate mother to Stiles. She works as a nurse at the hospital and is close to her kids, due to the absence of her ex-husband. She also knows Scott's secret and helps him whenever she can.
  • Linden Ashby as Sheriff Stilinski,Stiles' father and the sheriff of Beacon Hills, whose first name, like his son's, hasn't been said. He is a very dedicated cop, but his job is hampered by his initial unawareness of the supernatural, until he witnesses Scott in his werewolf form.
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Peter Hale,Derek's uncle and the former Alpha, as well as the only survivor of the Hale House fire. Recenly resurrected after his death at the hands of Derek, he is weaker and doesn't have much strength to fight.
  • Ray Fisher as Vernon Voyd, a beta werewolf that was bitten by Derek in the previous film, but was later attacked by the Alpha pack, who kidnapped him and killed his friend, Erica, another one of Derek's beta wolves.


Four months after the previous film, Isaac appears on the street unconscious, and is revived by a mysterious woman, using jumper cables, and his body is seen bloody with claw marks on his neck. She gets Isaac on her motorcycle and they drive off, as they're attacked by two shadowy figures, showing twins with eyes glowing the red of an Alpha. She briefly eludes them, until a nearly unconscious Isaac overbalances the bike, causing them to crash. The twins seemingly merge into a large Alpha, but are separated when the woman pulls out a weapon and shoots a projectile at them that shocks them with electricity, causing them to separate and fall.

Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles are driving through the high way, not knowing that Allison and Lydia are in the car next to them. Lydia talks about how Jackson moved to London after learning the "Werewolf 101" from Derek. They suddenly see each other, and Scott urges Stiles to stop, since it appears that they're following them, but Allison stops too, so they can talk, but suddenly a deer rams straight into their car, and the guys get out to check on them. Scott touches the deer and senses that it was afraid.

At the Hospital, Melanie is with Melissa, and the two see Isaac role in on the gurney, and asks why he's not healing. He says that he will, but the girl needs help, so she tends to the girl that saved him, as she babbles about finding the Alpha. Melanie mentions Derek, but she replies "No, not Hale. McCall... the Alpha, Scott McCall."

At home the next morning, Scott prepares for School, by working out, reading, and checking his word of the day. At his house, Stiles is literally dragged away from the computer, in which he was researching car crashes involving deer, while Allison is in her room, with many unpacked boxes, and her father says he doesn't have to return to school yet, almost as if he was asking her to stay.

Scott arrives at School, proud of his green dirt bike, until he sees two motorcycles. Putting on lipstick at her locker, Lydia is admiring the freshman, or "Fresh Men" as she states, though Allison calls them "Fresh Boys" as they're all fourteen years old. They then see the twins that attacked Isaac, walk in with their motorcycle gear.

At the hospital, Melissa removes the bandages from Isaac, and sees many deep claw marks and sees faint smoke, and believes them to be healing, though Derek doesn't seem to be answering his phone, so Isaac tells her to call Scott.

Walking into the class of her English teacher, Ms. Jennifer Blake, Allison sees that the only free seat is in front of Scott and reluctantly takes it. Every phone in the room chimes, as they receive a text from Ms. Blake, reading a quote from her favorite book, and then makes them turn off their phones.

Melissa and Melanie repeatedly call Scott, but only get his voicemail. In Isaac's room a Nurse walks in and injects an anesthetic in his IV. As he begins to lose consciousness, he looks down to see her barefoot, with a dark sharp claw on each toe. She counts down to him being unconscious as her eyes glow red.

At the School, Ms. Blake receives a message from the Office, saying that Scott's mother needs him right away, and she allows him to leave. Stiles talks to Lydia about animals going crazy lately. Suddenly a crow smacks into the window, leaving a splatter of blood and feathers. Then a whole flock appears and crashes through the windows, as everyone ducks for cover.

Arriving at the Hospital, Scott heads into the elevator to find Isaac, but before the doors close, a blind man with dark glasses and a British accent stops it, and reluctantly agrees to help him through the hall way. Isaac is already in surgery, but the doctors find that his wounds are already healed and order for someone that needs it to be brought in. An orderly wheels Isaac out on a wheelchair, as claws seep through his gloves. Scott arrives in time to see the manwheeling an unconscious Isaac into the elevator. Scott retracts his claws as he dives headlong into the elevator,slamming into theelevator wall.The man, named Ennis,throws Scottfrom wall to wall, and then slams him into the ceiling. Getting back up, Scotttries to punch him, but Ennis grabs each arm and kickshim into the front wall, and then picks himup by the throat, stating to Scott that he's an Alpha.When the elevator doors open, Derek appears and stabs Ennis' back with his claws, saying "So am I" and throws him across the hall.

Derek and Scott take Isaac to the Hale House, where Scott sees the symbol on the door. Stiles meets them there, and Derek tells them about Deucalion and his Alpha Pack. Derek explains the claw marks in the back of his neck are what the Alpha's used to steal Isaac's memory. Peter arrives and helps, using the same technique to search through his lost memory, but only see images, so they go to Deaton.

Stiles returns home, where he overlooks his father’s case about, people turning up missing or dead. Lydia is at home and is suddenly mesmerized and drives to a pool where she mysteriously finds a dead lifeguard. She calls Stiles, and he drives to the pool.

At the animal clinic, Deaton has Isaac lay in a tub of ice, to lower his heart rate to near death in order to access his subconscious mind, and guides him through his lost memories, in which he finds Deucalion and the Alpha Pack at an abandoned bank, locking up Voyd and someone else he can't see, but when he appears spotted by the Alphas, he panics and wakes up.

The werewolves then go to save their friends, and Allison meets them at the bank, but the mystery girl arrives and locks her in a supply closet, safe from the Alphas, and she finds Erica's dead body. Scott and Derek open the vault to find Voyd and Derek's sister, Cora, who are influenced by the Full Moon and attacks them and escapes, so they split up to find them. Voyd and Cora head into the woods where two kids are catching fireflies. Voyd dives at the kids, but they suddenly disappear. Scott gets a call from Derek asking him to meet up. Scott says he has to return something first, and looks down to where he has the kids in his arms. As Voyd and Cora attack a couple of campers, Isaac flips over a large pile of bushes, kicking Voyd. Cora jumps at him, but Derek arrives and forces her to the ground, while Scott checks on the campers.

Meanwhile, Stiles believes he has discovered the pattern of the murders, the first three were virgins, the next three were soldiers, and now believes that three doctors are next after two doctors end up dead, meaning that there's one more left, and believes that they're human sacrifices. Scott saysthat he sounds a little far fetched, but Stiles reminds him that he grows claws, an insane amount of facial hair, with glowing yellow eyes.

Scott goes to Allison's apartment to confront her about being at the bank, and she says that she won't stand by while her friends are in danger, but he warns her about how strong the Alpha pack is. Leaving, he sees Deucalion in the elevator. Scott retracts his claws, but Deucalion says he would have to be blind, deaf, and quadriplegic for Scott to even have a chance against him.

The next morning, Melissa awakens in bed, with Scott and Isaac asleep on the floor and yells at them to wake them up and asks why they're in her room, and explain that they were protecting her from being the third sacrifice, but Scott gets a call from Deaton saying that he'll be taken and needs Scott to find him. He and Isaac head to the animal clinic where the police are already investigating, so Scott uses scent to find him. He tracks him to the abandoned bank where he is tied up, but is surrounded by Mountain Ash. Scott attempts to break the barrier, and nearly succeeds as his eyes glow from yellow to red for a quick second, but fails. The sheriff arrives and shoots the rope. When the sheriff goes outside, Deaton tells Scott that his eyes glowed red and that he's becoming a "True Alpha", whichisvery rare, as a beta rises from the forceofwill and power to become an Alpha, instead ofhaving to steal the status by killing another Alpha.

Later that day, Scott goes to tell Derek that the Alphas are living in a pent house above Allison's apartment, but he reveals that he already knows and is planning an attack on them. At night, Scott sneaks out of the house, but is confronted by Isaac, who insists on going with him. They meet with Deucalion at an abandoned mall, butDerek, Voyd, and Cora arrive, transformed and ready to battle. Koli slides down the walls with her claws, Ennisbusts through the door, and thetwins jump off the ledge,landing on the floormerged.After a moment of silence, Derek rushes at Deucalion, but Koli jumps in his way and attacks him, while Voyd and Cora face Ennis. As Scott begins transforming, Isaac charges at the merged twins, who grab him and slam him into the wall. Scott charges at them and slides between their legs, then stands up and claws their back, before they knock him to the ground. Ennis dodges Voyd's punch and slams on his back, forcing him to the ground. Cora tries to claw him, but Ennis grabs her arm and spins her as he claws her and then shoves her to the ground. Derek ducks as Koli tries to kick him and elbows her in the face. She flips over him and claws his back, and then flips him. Voyd tries to attackKoli, but she pushes him into Ennis' arms and he holds him as Koli round kicks. The twins hold Isaac by the throat as they slash Scott's side and force them to their knees. Deucalion holds Derek still and in place as Koli andEnnis throw Voyd onto his claws killing him. Allison arrives and shoots flashbang arrows, giving Scott and Isaac chance to rejoin the battle. Scott jumps up and slams into the merged twins, causing them to fly across the room and smack into the wall shattering it and separating them. Scott lands on his feet as he slides backwards. He lifts his face to show his yellow beta eyes glow the red of an Alpha, and attacks Ennis, shoving him into a wall. Koli kicks attempts to kick him, but Scott grabs her leg and flips her. Scott then begins feeling dizzy and falls to his knees, as his red eyes turn back to yellow. Ennis charges at Scott, but Derek interferes and repeatedly knocks Ennis back. As they near the ledge, Scott hops next to them and slashes Ennis' leg with his claws, causing him to fall, pulling Derek along with him, and Scott watches as they appear to fall to their deaths and both packs retreat.

Afterward, leaving the School, Jennifer finds a bloody Derek next to her car and reluctantly takes him back to his loft, thinking that she should take him to a Hospital, but his wounds already begin healing, while the Alpha pack arrives at Animal Clinic with a severely injured Ennis. Deaton checks him out and explains that he's healing, but Deucalion crushes his skull. When they leave, Scott and Stiles arrive and Deaton tells them about druids and dark druids, and how he was once an emissary for Deucalion's pack, and the once responsible for the sacrifices is a dark druid, or Darach, that was killed by werewolves and brought back to life.

Stiles takes Cora with him to go tell his father about the supernatural, labeling pieces of a chessboard to represent each supernatural person, but Sheriff stilinksi brushes him off, but before Cora can show him her powers, she collapses to the ground.

Allison, Isaac, and Melanie find a hidden paper in Chris' office, featuring healers (doctors), warriors (soldiers), virgins, philosophers (teachers) and guardians (parents), and follow Chris Argent to some kind of Factory, where they find a hooded figure above the dead body of the second sacrificed teacher. Chris appears and tells them to get down as he fires at the Darach, but it escapes.

They go to the School recital to watch out for the rest of the teachers. Lydia is attracted by Ms. Blake, who reveals herself to be the Darach, and gives out a large scream, heard across the town by the wolves, even loud enough to where the shock causes Scott to stumble to the floor covering his ears. Jennifer calls Lydia the "Wailing Woman", a banshee. Sheriff Stilinski confronts her, but she pushes him against the wall with enhanced strength. Scott busts inside in his werewolf form, and the sheriff stares at him in shock, and charges at the Darach, but it grabs him and slams him into the wall, and then into a bunch of stacked desks. Stiles busts in and sees that both Blake and his father are gone.

Jennifer then travels to Derek's loft to seek Derek's help, but Scott, Stiles, and Melanie arrive and spread mountain ash over her, causing her to revert to her Darach form. Derek threatens her but she says she is the only way to help Cora and retrieve Stiles' father.

Making it to the hospital, Stiles pulls a bat out of the trunk, which Scott questions and Stiles replies "You have claws, I have a bat." Inside Melissa tells them that an Ambulance is coming and they need to get Cora onto one of them. They head into Cora's room, but she isn't there. Peter is thrown into the room, as the merged Alpha twins are in front of an unconscious Cora, who is on the floor. Derek and Scott try to fight the twins, while Peter and Stiles get Cora out of there. Derek watches as Jennifer backs up into the elevator. They rush into an operating room, but the twins still pursue them. They avoid the twins and leave the room. Stiles hides behind the doors as the twins enter and hits them over the head with the bat, but it doesn't affect them and the bat just shatters, and Stiles rushes back to the group. Scott jumps up and pulls down a light fixture that strikes them in the face. They take Cora into an operating room, where Jennifer meets with them, and only promises to help when they escape. Peter and Scott distract the twins long enough for the others to escape. They get her to an ambulance, but the driver is dead, and Koli is seen searching for them with the keys in her hands. They run back into the Hospital while Stiles stays in the ambulance. Scott arrives with Peter, and places Peter in the ambulance, before going back in for Derek and his mother.

Inside Scott is attacked by the merged twins, who easily best him, but Melanie and Melissa arrive with a defibrillator and shocks them, causing them to separate. Derek and Jennifer hide in the corridor, as Jennifer tries to convince Derek that she's not the bad guy and tells him that she was Koli's druid emissary, before Deucalion made Koli kill her, until the Nemetan Tree's power brought her back to life. She then explains that her plan involves the Lunar Eclipse, and rhetorically asks Derek what happens, to which he replies "werewolves lose all of their power."

Walking around the corner, Melissa, Melanie, and Scott run into Isaac, Chris, and Allison and they brief a plan in the operating room and text it to Derek, who makes as much noise as he can, while Jennifer takes off her shoes. The twins hear this and head over to find them. They see Allison, posing as Jennifer and chase her outside. After losing them she tries to find her father, but can't. Meanwhile, Melissa head to turn off the power. In the Corridor, Jennifer apologizes to Derek as she transforms into the Darach. Peter and Stiles rush Cora to the Argent SUV which Isaac is driving and Stiles head back inside for Scott. Allison goes back to the Corridor, but finds Derek unconscious, and the Darach. Chris appears behind her and warns her to duck as he shoots at the Darach, before giving himself up. Scott heads to the roof to find his mother, but only finds Deucalion, who states that Jennifer has his mother and will help Scott save her and Stiles' father if Scott joins him. Stiles and Melanie arrive on the roof and try to convince Scott to find another way, but Scott only promises that he'll come back with their parents and he and Deucalion disappear in the shadows.

Stiles goes back inside to get Derek, slapping him to wake him up, but it doesn't work, so he prepares to punch him, but Derek wakes up as he catches his fist. They take Cora to his loft, where Peter has a way for Derek to heal Cora, but it might kill him. Derek places his claws in her arm and syphons off the pain. He gives a loud roar as his Alpha red eyes revert back to his blue Beta eyes.

Scott, with Deucalion meet with Allison, Melanie, Stiles, Lydia, and Isaac at Deaton's clinic, where Deaton tells them a way to find the Nemetan, where the parents are being held, but warns them that it might have side effects on their minds. He places Scott, Allison, and Stiles in tubs of ice as he did with Isaac, in order to find it and says that someone with a personal connection to them needs to hold them down, with Melanie holding down Allison, Deaton holding down Scott, and Lydia holding down Stiles. They enter their own subconscious minds and find themselves separated on one night years ago. Scott watches his younger self being bitten by Peter. Allison watches as the younger Scott runs into the road where a car swerves to miss him and reveals Allison and her mother in the car. Stiles watches as his younger self covers for Scott after being confronted by his father. They each begin walking through the woods and find each other at the Nemetan, before waking up in the clinic. Scott then leaves with Deucalion despite his friend’s warnings.

At the Nemetan, Chris wakes up tied to a pole and tries to take out multiple weapons hidden in his clothes, but Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski keep saying that she took everything, but a sonic emitter and he tries to use it to signal the werewolves, which the Sheriff is still trying to grasp.

Derek begins regaining his strength, but Kali and the twins arrive and easily defeat Cora. Jennifer jumps through the window and blasts hundreds of glass shards at Koli, killing her. The Twins merge and attack her, but she breaks their neck, separating them. Jennifer agrees to free the parents if Derek helps her defeat Deucalion, and he agrees. Lydia arrives as they leave and she and Cora discover that the twins are still alive and take them to Deaton, who is able to save them.

Scott and Deucalion confront Derek and Jennifer at a deserted distillery, and Deucalion transforms into his werewolf form, and so does Derek as he attacks Deucalion, who grabs Derek's punches and begins crushing his wrists. Jennifer tries to blast him, but he doesn't even flinch, and picks her and Derek up by the throat, preparing to kill them, but Scott claws his back and turns against him. Deucalion states that the parents will die if Scott turns against him, but Scott isn't sure. Deucalion taunts him asking "Who's going to save them? You're friends?", and Scott replies not his friends, his pack, and his eyes glow yellow. Melanie, Allison, and Isaac arrive at the Nemetan, but no parents, with Stiles stalled by the Storm. Isaac hears the sonic emitter and discovers a hidden cellar under the Nemetan. Although they free the parents, the cellar door becomes blocked because of the storm. Deucalion easily begins to beat Scott, but Scott remembers something Deaton said "Deucalion isn't always blind" and throws down flashbangs and begins gaining the upper hand, but the Lunar Eclipse comes and the werewolves revert to their human forms. Jennifer throws Scott and begins beating Deucalion, nearly bashing his head in. Derek delays her, convincing her to restore his eyesight, so he can see what he caused her, but in doing so, she loses strength and falls into Derek's arms. She pleads for him to kill them, but Derek says that his mother used to tell him that they may be predators, but they're not killers, although she quickly regains her power and begins forcing Derek into the wall over and over again, but can't bring herself to kill him. His eyes glow blue, as the eclipse passes and Scott rejoins the battle, but Jennifer surrounds herself in a barrier of Mountain Ash. Back at the Cellar, the support beams begin to collapse and Isaac braces himself under one of them, gathering all the strength he can as his eyes turn yellow. At the distillery, Scott once again attempts to break the barrier, as Jennifer taunts him for failing the first time while trying to save Deaton. Scott continues to push forward, weakening the barrier. Scott full transforms and gives out a large howl as his Yellow beta eyes become red. Isaac hears the howl and completely lifts the support beam. Stiles arrives with a metal bat (opposed to his usual wood) to keep the beam in place. Scott breaks the barrier, causing Jennifer to fly back, in startlement, asking how he did that. Scott reverts to normal, but eyes continue to glow red as he replies "I'm an Alpha now." and threatens to kill her if she doesn't stop the storm, but Deucalion gets up and slashes her throat anyway. Stiles calls Scott and asks for help, and to bring a ladder, humoring everyone as they comfort at their safety, and Melanie kisses Isaac.

The film ends with Scott speaking to Deaton. Derek leaves with Cora. They let Deucalion go, hoping that he can be the man that Derek's mother once knew. Jennifer's body has disappeared. At School, Scott looks around to find his friends, seeing Lydia with Aiden, Ethan with Danny, Isaac and Melanie walking and holding hands, as Stiles and Allison appear by his side.

In the mid-credits scene, Jennifer struggles to crawl to the Nemetan, hoping it's power can save her once again. Her arm is grabbed by a werewolf, that flips her over and she sees Peter standing above her. She states that now that Scott's an Alpha, Peter can steal it from him and be an Alpha again, but Peter kills her and in a growl like tone, states that he has always been the Alpha


  • Ennis:"Don't you know what you're dealing with kid? I'm an Alpha."
  • Derek:(Stabbing Ennis with his claws) "So am I!" (He throws Ennis across the room and turns towards Scott) "Aren't you supposed to be in School?

  • Mysterious Girl:"I need to find the Alpha. Where's the Alpha?"
  • Melanie:"What do you want with Derek?"
  • Mysterious Girl:"No, not Hale. McCall... The Alpha, Scott McCall."

  • Stiles: "Alright, I'll check out the body, then I'll call my dad."
  • Lydia: "I already called 9-1-1."
  • Stiles: "You called the police before you called me?"
  • Lydia: "I'm supposed to call you first, when I find a dead body?"
  • Stiles: "Yes!"

  • Scott:"Human sacrifices? Don't you think that's a little far fetched?
  • Stiles: "​Far fetched? You grow claws, fangs, and insane amount of hair, not to mention glowing eyes, but you have trouble grasping human sacrifice?

  • Isaac:"I don't trust him. I trust Scott."
  • Derek:"Do you trust me?"
  • Isaac:"Yeah, but I still don't like him."
  • Derek:"Nobody likes him."
  • Peter:(Walking in) "I may not be as strong as I used to be, but I can still hear pretty well. If you want to say something. Say it to my face."
  • Derek:"Alright... We don't like you."

  • Melissa:(Waking up to see Scott and Isaac asleep in her room) "Boys, wake up. Boys!"
  • Scott:(Stumbling to his feet) "Morning."
  • Melissa:"What are you doing?"
  • Isaac:"We were watching over you."
  • Melissa:"Do What?"
  • Scott:"We wanted to make sure you weren't the third sacrifice."
  • Melissa:"You wanted to protect me, but you were both asleep?"
  • Scott:"You were on watch last."
  • Isaac:"No. You were on watch last."
  • Scott:"No I wasn't. You were on watch last."
  • Isaac:"I might have been on watch last."

  • Isaac:"So Derek, your uh... your sister?"

(Derek looks at him with an intimidated stare)

  • Isaac:"Sorry. Uh... it's bad timing. I'll ask you later."

(Derek stares at him again)

  • Isaac:"Or never. Yeah-yeah, I'm good with never."

  • Cora:"What's that look on your face?"
  • Stiles:"What look?"
  • Cora:"The look that makes me want to punch you."
  • Stiles:"Oh my God. You are so Derek's sister."

  • Stiles:(to Peter)"So if that was Derek in High School. How old was he then? How old were you? ... How old are you now?"
  • Peter:"Not as young as I could've been, but not as old as you may think."
  • Stiles:"Well that was frustratingly vague. What kind of answer was that? (Turns to Cora) How old are you?"
  • Cora:"I'm Seventeen."
  • Stiles:"Hear that? That's an answer. That's how we answer people."
  • Cora:"Well seventeen, measuring in years."
  • Stiles:"Alright, I'm just gonna drop it."

  • Chris:"I'm not even sure I know what teacher this is."
  • Isaac:"It's the one with the brown hair. She's kind of hot. (Everyone stares at him) Just an observation."

  • Deucalion:"What are you doing?"
  • Scott:"You may be an Alpha, but you're not my Alpha."
  • Deucalion:"You will regret betraying me. Without me, you'll never save the parents."
  • Scott:"Don't be so sure."
  • Deucalion:"Who's going to save them? Your friends?"
  • Scott:"No... My Pack."
  • Jennifer:"Kill them. Won't you kill them for me?"
  • Derek:"No!"
  • Jennifer:"Derek. Please don't."
  • Derek:"Like my mother used to tell me: Just because I'm a predator, doesn't mean I have to be a killer too."
  • Jennifer:"How did you do that?"
  • Scott:(Eyes glow red) "I'm an Alpha now. Let the parents go and whatever you're doing to cause the storm, stop it, or I'll kill you myself. I don't care what happens to the color of my eyes."

  • Deaton:"How do you feel?"
  • Scott:"I still feel the side effects, every day, just like you said I would, but it's over now. Derek's leaving with Cora. Part of me hope's he'll come back, but another part hopes he'll just be happy, wherever he's going. We let Deucalion go. Maybe someday, he'll be the man he used to be.
  • Derek:“When we went back into the Distillery, Jennifer's body was gone."
  • Deaton:"What will you do now?"
  • Scott:"Well, I'll go to School. Be a normal teenager. Then I'll look around. See my friends... my pack, and make sure they're ok."

  • Jennifer:(Crawling to the Nemetan she is flipped over and sees Peter above her) "It's you. Of course it's you. Everyone else suffers, but somehow, you come out on top, and now that Scott's an Alpha, you can steal it from him. You'll be an Alpha again.
  • Peter:"Again? AGAIN? I... Am... The Alpha! I have always been the ALPHAAAA!"


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