GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (2023)

If you're unsatisfied with the original feature-set offered by the official WhatsApp app, you may have read about some WhatsApp Mods like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp or YoWhatsApp while searching online for alternatives to WhatsApp. Among these WhatsApp alternatives, GB WhatsApp is the most popular one offering incredible features. If you don't know what it is and how it works, you may be confused about it.

In this article, we deal with your confusion and talk about everything you need to know about GB WhatsApp download. Before diving into how you can perform a GB WhatsApp APK download, we also tell you what, exactly, it is and what features it offers.

GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (1)
  • Part 1: What Is GBWhatsApp?
  • Part 2: Available GB WhatsApp APK Download
  • Part 3: How to Download and Install GB WhatsApp APK on Android
  • Bonus Tip: How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

Part 1: What Is GBWhatsApp?

If you've never used GB WhatsApp before, this section will tell you what is GB WhatsApp in the first place.

Well, GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp app that comes with many additional features. These features include customizable themes, the ability to send more than allowed photos at once, view deleted status updates, retain deleted messages, and much more. GB WhatsApp isn't certified by Google, hence it's not available in the Google Play Store. However, it's still possible for you to download GB WhatsApp and enjoy the fantastic features provided by the GB WhatsApp latest version, as long as you find the right place to download GB WhatsApp APK on your Android.

Now that we're done with the introduction, let's talk about where to get the latest available GBWhatsaApp and how to download GB WhatsApp.

Part 2: Available GB WhatsApp APK Download

1. GBWhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Latest Version

The first method to download GB WhatsApp latest version is to use the official site and download the APK from there. This is the easiest method to perform a GB WhatsApp download as it's coming directly from the official creator of the app.

Features of GBWhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Latest Version

Here are the top GB WhatsApp features you can find in the latest GB Whatsapp update.

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  • Anti-ban, meaning you won't get banned by WhatsApp for using this app.
  • Ability to read messages deleted by the sender.
  • Use multiple accounts with this app.
  • Hide your online status.
  • See other people's status updates even when they've deleted them.
  • Freeze your last seen.
  • Do simple customizationwithemojis and stickers.
  • Apply various new and customized themes and customizations to your app.

Download GBWhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Latest Version

To download this version of GB WhatsApp, simply click here to get its official website and then click on the download button. Once downloaded, the GBWhatsApp APK file can be found in your Android's File Manager.

GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (2)

2. GB WhatsApp Download APK by AlexMods

Another way to perform a GB WhatsApp download is through AlexMods. AlexMods is a third-party developer that modifies the GB WhatsApp app and introduces his own customizations into the app. AlexMods is a reliable source you can do a GB WhatsApp APK download from.

Features of AlexMods GB WhatsApp APK

AlexMods's GB WhatsApp has the same feature set as the previous version, only with slight customizations in the app interface here and there. Here’s a breakdown of the top features.

  • Anti-ban, allowing you to use the normal version of Whatsapp and it at the same time on the same device
  • You can run dual/multiple WhatsApp accounts within a single device.
  • Get free themes customized by some users of this app
  • Hide your online status.
  • Hide seen message, delivered message staus
  • Backup and restore feature
  • Multiple gif providers
  • Long video status
  • Add stickers from Google Play

Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version by AlexMods

To download this version of GB WhatsApp, click here, then select the button with the text "Download GBWhatsApp APK v14.00 (AlexMods)".

GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (3)

3. GB WhatsApp Download APK by HeyMods

Besides the above two channels, GB WhatsApp Download APK offered by HeyMods is also trustworthy. Just like AlexMods, HeyMods is an independent developer that creates his own version of the GB WhatsApp APK.

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Features of HeyMods GB WhatsApp APK

The features of HeyMods's GB WhatsApp resemble the previous two versions. Besides a few UI changes here and there, there is a slight difference in the feature set.

Here are the top features listed down.

  • Supports animated stickers
  • Customized themes and colors
  • Hide View Status
  • DND (Do not disturb) and Dark mode
  • Auto reply
  • Show Blue Tick after Reply
  • Download story
  • Send large files and long videos up to 80MB
  • And much, much more.

HeyMods GB WhatsApp Download

To download this version of GB WhatsApp, click here ,then select the button with the text "Download GBWhatsApp APK".

GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (4)

Part 3: How to Download and Install GB WhatsApp APK on Android

Now that you’re aware of how to download GB WhatsApp, it's time to tell you how to install the downloaded APK on your Android phone(i.e. Samsung).

You see, installing the APK is even simpler than downloading GB WhatsApp APK itself. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to install the APK after you've performed the GB WhatsApp download.

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Go to Apps and tap the three-dot menu. Select "Special access".
  • Scroll down to find and tap "Install unknown apps".
  • Toggle on the source where you downloaded the GBWhatsApp APK latest version.

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    GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (5)
  • Open your file manager, navigate to the downloaded APK, and tap it to open the APK file.
  • Tap "Install" and wait for the installation to complete.

Video Guide: How to Download GB WhatsApp & Backup to Google Drive 2022

Bonus Tip: How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

If you have recently upgraded from an Android device to an iPhone, and wondering how you can move your WhatsApp chats over to the new phone — we've got you covered!

With Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer, you can easily transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone in minutes. iCareFone Transfer promises a 99% transfer success rate and 100% privacy of your personal data in comparison to other tools.

Here's how to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone with iCareFone Transfer.

  • Download and install iCareFone Transfer by clicking the download button below.

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  • Connect both the devices, i.e., your old Android smartphone and your new iPhone to the computer. You will see an interface that showcases both of your devices on the screen.

    GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (10)
  • Click the big "Transfer" button at the bottom, and click "Continue" when the next warning message appears.

    GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (11)
  • Now you need to back up the WhatsApp data on your Android device. Open the WhatsApp application on your old Android device, go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup — and create a new backup from there. If done, click on "Continue".

    GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (12)
  • The system will start getting WhatsApp data from your Android device. Please be patient while it happens.

    GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (13)
  • The system may ask you to confirm your account information. If that's the case, provide the necessary information to begin the process.

    GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (14)
  • When the authentication is done, the tool will automatically generate data that can be restored for your iPhone.

    GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (15)
  • Before restoring data, make sure you've logged in WhatsApp on your iPhone, otherwise, the data will not be visible. If confirmed, hit "Logged in", then the program will start restoring the data to your iPhone.

    GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (16)
  • After a while, you should see your WhatsApp data has been transferred over to the new device successfully.

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    GB WhatsApp Download-Latest Version 2022 (17)


There you go — this is everything you need to know about GB WhatsApp, its features, versions, and ways to download. Remember, if you ever need to transfer WhatsApp data from an Android to iPhone, you can rely on Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer for the job.


How can I update my WhatsApp GB 2022? ›

How to Download GBWhatsApp 2022?
  1. Storage Space: Storage space is necessary for this APK MOD.
  2. Allow Unknown Sources: Enable the unknown sources after opening the setting Tab.
  3. Download: Click on the downloading button and download the APK file.
  4. Install: After downloading, open the folder where you saved APK.

What is the latest version of WhatsApp GB? ›

GB WhatsApp APK by FouadMod is the latest version from another developer. This version requires Android 5.1 and above.
GBWhatsApp Download APK.
App NameGBWhatsApp APK
VersionLatest Version
Size67.9 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.1+
Root RequirementNon Root
2 more rows
3 Oct 2022

What is the original GB WhatsApp? ›

GB WhatsApp is one such modified version of the chat app. Over the period of its existence, many have downloaded the app under the pretext that it is the original WhatsApp. Others made the choice to get hold of the extra features that it provides over WhatsApp.

How do I download and install GBWhatsApp pro latest Android version? ›

Downloading And Installing GBWhatsApp Pro On Android
  1. First, navigate to your Android device settings. ...
  2. In the security options, there should be a selection for Unknown Sources. ...
  3. Now that you have enabled the installation of GBWhatsApp Pro in your settings, we can proceed with the download.
29 Jul 2022

Which WhatsApp GB is best? ›

There are many mods available of WhatsApp on the internet, but the best one is GBWhatsApp. Why? Because of its best features. GBWhatsApp always provides extra features, in comparison to official WhatsApp.

How do I update my GBWhatsApp? ›

GBWhatsApp can be used across Android & IOS devices. Also note, the GB WhatsApp application is not available to download on Google Play Store. You will have to download and install the latest apk file (3.47MB) at and GBwhatsapp download will be available for download & GBWhatsApp 2021 APK.

Why GB WhatsApp is not installing? ›

Old Version of Device Operating System

GBWhatsApp's latest version is compatible with the latest Android operating system. If your device is not up-to-date then it will be difficult to get the app. You can fix this by updating the software.

How can I download original WhatsApp GB? ›

Downloading GBWhatsApp is simple like any other app. You can download the APK version of the app from the web. Go to from your Android phone and scroll down to the download option below. After it opens, simply click on the download button; it will take hardly a few minutes.

Is GBWhatsApp on Play Store? ›

One such app is GB WhatsApp. It is not available on Google Play Store but can be downloaded as an APK for Android users.

Is WhatsApp GB safe? ›

Using a third-party app like GB WhatsApp can get your original WhatsApp account banned permanently. Additionally, these apps can also compromise your privacy as there are no well-known sources for downloading the app.

Is GB WhatsApp better than WhatsApp? ›

While WhatsApp offers simple, essential, and effective features, GBWhatsApp is known for its secure facilities that allow users to access deleted information such as texts, chats, and statuses. WhatsApp can be accessed on several platforms, whereas GBWhatsApp is available only on its website.

What is GB insta? ›

Features of GB Instagram

You can hide that you saw someone's story. You can mark any message as a starred message. You can translate Comments to any desired language. You can copy comments. You can use two Instagram accounts on the same Instagram app.

How can I update my WhatsApp? ›

How to update WhatsApp on Android - YouTube

How do I open an .APK file? ›

Since APK files come in compressed ZIP format, any ZIP decompression tool can open it. So, for viewing the contents of an APK file, all you have to do is rename its extension to . zip and open it. Or, you can open it directly through an open dialogue box of a zip application.

What is WhatsApp pro? ›

WhatsApp Pro: an adaptation of WhatsApp Messenger for professionals.

Does GB WhatsApp leak data? ›

However, users must know that downloading GB WhatsApp for iOS and Android can no only get them banned permanently from the original WhatsApp platform, but also lead to malware getting installed on mobile phones, which can steal sensitive information such as photographs, videos, and passwords of the users.

Is Fmwhatsapp safe? ›

Is it safe to use FM WhatsApp? As FM WhatsApp is not an official version therefore security risks are associated while using it. Moreover, according to WhatsApp Messenger's terms and conditions, users who have installed WhatsApp MODs, their original accounts will get banned.

How do you update WhatsApp if it is out of date? ›

Please note, if you received a message that isn't supported by your version of WhatsApp, you'll need to update the app. We encourage you to always use the latest version of WhatsApp. Latest versions contain the newest features and bug fixes. Find WhatsApp Messenger in the Google Play Store, then tap Update.

How can I update expired GBWhatsApp without losing Chats? ›

How to Update GB WhatsApp Without Losing Your Chats
  1. ‌Open the WhatsApp GB app you want to update.
  2. ‌Tap the. ...
  3. ‌Go to Updates settings.
  4. ‌Select update options with Web Download.
  5. ‌Open it with the browser app you want.
  6. ‌Find the GBWhatsApp package and tap the Download menu below it.
  7. ‌Wait for 20 seconds to countdown.
18 Feb 2022

Why can't I update my WhatsApp? ›

If you can't download or update WhatsApp from the Google Play Store, it's probably due to one of the following error codes: "There's insufficient space on the device" "This app is incompatible with your Android Device" "This item isn't available in your country"

How can I update my WhatsApp? ›

How to Update WhatsApp on Android?
  1. Open Google Play Store.
  2. Tap on the Search bar.
  3. Search for WhatsApp.
  4. Tap on WhatsApp Messenger.
  5. If you have any update, you will see an “Update” button.
  6. Tap on Update.
  7. Your WhatsApp will be updated to the latest version.
18 Jun 2022


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