Airtel Recharge Online - Airtel Prepaid Recharge Plans & Offers (2023)

New Airtel Recharge Plans: Browse Airtel Prepaid Plans like Top-up, Full Talktime, Airtel 4G Data Plans & More

Airtel's New Recharge Plans: Check out new plans with updated prices and benefits

CirclePlan Type ValidityDescriptionPrice (Rs.)
Assam Special Recharge 2 Days Enjoy Unlimited Calls to Airtel, 60 min to other networks, 200 MB data for 2 days 19
Gujarat 2G/3G/4G Data 28 Days 30 GB Data 98
NationalSpecial Recharge28 Days2 GB Data, Unlimited Calling and 300 SMS. Validity 28 Days149
NationalSpecial Recharge28 Days1.5 GB Data/day, Unlimited Calling, 100 SMS/day. Validity 28 Days249
NationalSpecial Recharge28 Days2 GB Data/day, Unlimited Calling, 100 SMS/day. Validity 28 Days298
Assam Special Recharge 28 Days Enjoy TRULY unlimited Local, STD & Roaming calls on any network, 3 GB data per day, 100 National SMS/day for 28 days398
Chennai 2G/3G/4G Data 28 Days 3 GB Data 401
NationalSpecial Recharge84 Days2 GB Data/day, Unlimited Calling, 100 SMS/day. Validity 84 Days698
NationalSpecial Recharge365 Days24 GB Data, Unlimited Calling, 3600 SMS/day. Validity 365 Days1498

Fast and Easy Airtel Recharge Online at Paytm | Safe and Secure Airtel Online Recharge

Airtel, popularly known as Bharti Airtel is one of the most popular networks in India. Founded many decades ago, Airtel offers a variety of services and is the leading telecommunication company in our country. This wonderful cellular network provides incredible connectivity and offers innumerable Airtel online recharge plans & packs to suit the needs of one & all.

In this ever-growing world, people have busy schedules & chaotic working hours. A good network connection is a must in this era, especially due to the quarantine restrictions and work from home culture. We can’t afford to have hiccups in our workflow. And therefore, everyone looking for prompt and gratifying services along with the busy lifestyle, Paytm has come up with the speediest Airtel online recharge services to make the task of mobile recharge as easy as a breeze.

Latest Airtel Recharge Plans & Packs At Paytm | Choose Your Airtel Plan Now!

Paytm recharge provides a comprehensive list of all the latest Airtel mobile recharge plans for you to pick depending on your requirements. Whether you are looking for unlimited calling benefits, longer period plans, unlimited 3G/4G Airtel data plans or other Airtel prepaid plans, you are sure to find it on our portal. Enjoy several wonderful deals and Cashback offers on various Airtel mobile recharge plans such as:

Airtel Truly Unlimited Packs:
-Get 1 GB 3G/4G data per day for a validity of 28 days along with unlimited outgoing calls, 100 SMS/day, and no roaming charges on recharge of 219.

-Get 1.5 GB 3G/4G data per day for a validity of 28 days, 56 days and 84 days along with unlimited outgoing calls, 100 SMS/day, and no roaming charges on recharges of ₹249, ₹399, and ₹598 respectively.

- Get 2 GB 3G/4G data per day for a validity of 28 days, 56 days and 84 days along with unlimited outgoing calls, 100 SMS/day, and no roaming charges on recharges of ₹298, ₹449, and ₹698 respectively.

Special Recharge: Make cheaper outgoing calls, get internet data, Talktime balance and many more combos with Airtel Special recharge.

Airtel 4G Data Plans: Get 3GB of 3G/4G data for the validity of 28 days with a recharge of ₹48 and get 30 GB of 3G/4G data for the validity of 28 days with a recharge of ₹401 with Airtel 4G plans.

Airtel Talktime Recharge Plans: Get a Talktime of ₹14.95, ₹81.75 and ₹423.73 with the recharges of ₹10, ₹100 and ₹500 respectively.

International Roaming Packs: Enjoy free incoming calls, cheap outgoing calls, free data and SMS on Airtel International Roaming Packs starting from ₹496 in the selected/covered countries.

We have got all the latest Airtel online recharge plans such as Airtel 4G prepaid plans, Airtel tariff plans and Airtel top-up plans along with the detailed description, validity and talk time value. You can find the most suitable plans and recharge your Airtel number instantly with secure transactions through

Airtel Recharge Offers : Save Money on Airtel Online Recharge with Paytm

New User Offer: Use promo code FIRST and get ₹30 cashback on Airtel mobile recharge using Paytm app.

Save money on your Airtel mobile recharge with our amazing prepaid Airtel offers, deals and discounts. Paytm not only offers a smooth and hassle-free recharge experience but also provides Airtel best offers, lucrative cashback, deals & recharge offers so you have the best experience with us.

How to Recharge Airtel Prepaid Mobile Number Online?

Paytm provides you with an easy Airtel prepaid recharge process. Just follow these simple steps and you will be done with it:

1. Enter your Airtel prepaid number
2. Enter the amount or select one from the long list of Airtel recharge plans
3. Pick Airtel recharge offers and promo codes of your choice for exciting Cashback & deals
4. Choose payment method of your preference i.e. Net banking, Debit/Credit Card, or Paytm Wallet for instant payments. Our payment methods are safe and secure so you don't have to worry about your money

You get an instant auto update of your payment through an email and text message immediately after you make Airtel prepaid online recharge with Paytm. With Paytm, you can make Airtel mobile bill payments as well as prepaid recharge without disturbing your daily routine.

You can also make Vi Recharge | MTNL Recharge | BSNL Recharge | and Jio Recharge.

In case you need any sort of help, you can always connect to our customer care support centre available 24/7 to provide you with the needed assistance. Therefore, Paytm is not only the fastest recharging platform but is also safe, secure and provides you with assurance. So, log on to or download Paytm mobile App today for seamless service.

Frequently Asked Questions on Airtel Recharge

How can I make an Airtel online recharge by debit card?

You can make mobile recharge for your Airtel prepaid number instantly on or Paytm app. Paytm provides you with a fast and secure platform for your Airtel recharge. Select debit card as your mode of payment, fill in the details and recharge with a secure medium.

Which wallet is best for Airtel recharge?

Paytm is the best wallet for any mobile recharges including Airtel recharge. You can browse and find latest Airtel recharge plans on Paytm and apply coupons to get cashback on your Airtel recharge.

Where can I get the best cashback offers for my Airtel recharge?

Paytm provides you with daily cashback offers on any mobile recharges including Airtel full Talktime offers, Airtel internet offers, Airtel cashback offer and Airtel special offer. You can get up to 50-60% cashback occasionally and various other daily cashback offers on Paytm.

Which is the best platform to recharge my Airtel number online? or Paytm app is the best platform for you to get your Airtel recharge done instantly. You can browse and select the Airtel prepaid plans on Paytm itself and get amazing cashback offers and deals on Paytm.

How to check Airtel recharge offers for my number?

You can browse Airtel plans and offers such as Airtel Talktime offers on the Paytm app or Generally, Paytm fetches your operator on its own as soon as you enter your mobile number. You can directly enter the recharge amount or browse your plans on Paytm before making your recharge.

Where can I get Airtel prepaid recharge plans for full talk time?

You can find the Airtel prepaid recharge full talk time plans on and Paytm mobile application. Just enter your Airtel prepaid number, select your circle and you will find and recharge with all the full talk time plans on Paytm.

How can I find Paytm promo code for Airtel mobile recharge?

Paytm provides you with daily cashback offers and promo codes for prepaid mobile recharge. Use LUCKY200 to get up to 100% cashback or just browse or Paytm app for finding the Paytm promo code, apply the code before making the payment on Paytm and save money.

How can I pay my airtel recharge bills bank & avail offers?

You can get plenty of cashback offers and promo codes on Paytm that you can apply while paying your Airtel recharge bill and get assured cashback in your Paytm wallet. You will get the cashback money in your Paytm wallet within 24 hours of the Airtel bill payment.

How to recharge with an airtel net pack from the main balance?

Dial the USSD code *121# from your Airtel prepaid mobile number and browse through all the plans. Select the most suitable Idea internet plan and activate it using your main balance. You can also send an SMS 3G on 121 and you will receive a text, reply 1 to get all the Idea data recharge plans, select any one of them and the amount will be deducted from your main balance.

How to recharge an Airtel number from the scratch card?

You can easily recharge your Airtel prepaid mobile number using a scratch card by dialling *126*<16 digits number on scratch card>#

How to check the last recharge in Airtel prepaid?

To check your last 5 prepaid recharges including the value-added services, dial *126*7# from your Airtel prepaid number.

How to recharge Airtel from the main balance?

You can recharge your Airtel prepaid mobile number with any of the Airtel prepaid plans by dialing *121# from your Airtel prepaid mobile number. Check for all the new offers by selecting option 3 from the menu, select the most suitable plan and confirm it to recharge your Airtel prepaid mobile number with that plan by using your main balance.

Where can I get an Airtel recharge offer for a 3 months plan?

You can find all the Airtel recharge offers and plans on, recharge with any plan for 698 to get an unlimited Airtel plan for 84 days on your Airtel prepaid mobile number.

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