171+ General Knowledge Everyone Should Know (Updated) | 2023 (2023)

Basic questions everyone should know: These are 171+ things you should know in general knowledge, including things you should know as a College Student.

It includes 171+ easy general knowledge questions and answers, fun general knowledge quizzes, basic questions everyone should know, and easy general knowledge quizzes.

There are as many general Knowledge questions as possible, but you need to try as much as possible to know the basic ones that include the things that affect your life and well-being.

Sometimes when you go for external exams, you have a section in the set of questions written in general Knowledge where you are asked some things you are expected to know.

These things were not taught in class, but you learned them through your day-to-day interactions with people.

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Here are the 171+ basic trivia everyone should know in 2023:

Basic trivia everyone should knowGeneral Knowledge Answers
1. Which is Correct? My name is, or My names Are? My name is.
2. What does HIV mean?Human Immunodeficiency Virus
3. What does Dozen mean?12
4. How many days are in a year?365 days
5. Who owns Google.comAlphabet
6. Who was the first woman to receive an academic degree? Elena Cornaro Piscopia
7. How many countries are in the world?195
8. How many countries are in Africa?54
9. How many countries are in Europe?44
10. How many countries are in Asia? 48
11. How many states are in Nigeria?36 states
12. How many states are in the US?50 states
13. When was the US flag last modified?1777

171 things you should know easy, fun general Knowledge quiz with answers on the World in 2023:

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14. The largest ocean in the world isPacific Ocean
15. who is the tallest man ever recorded in the world?Robert Pershing Wadlow
16. How many rivers are in Africa 7
17. How many days are in a leap year366 days
18. How many minutes are in a day?1440 minutes
19. How many seconds are in a day?86400 seconds
20. What is the third-longest river in Africa?River Niger
21. How many countries are in Canada4
22. What is the potential 51st state in the USA?Puerto Rico
23. Is Canada part of the USA?No, it’s an independent country of its own.
24. How many states are in Ghana16 states
25. How old is the world?4.543billionyears

Easy questions people should know about Sports in 2023:

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26. How many clubs are in the premiere League 20
27. The most successful club in the worldRangers Fc from Scotland with 100 major Trophies
28. Who won the most premier league?Manchester City FC
29. What team did Cristiano Ronaldo play last before JuventusReal Madrid
30. The wealthiest club in the world Real Madrid
31. Richest football club owner Dietrich Mateschitz
32. Which club is the most followed in the worldManchester United
33. Which NBA team is the richest in the world The New York Knicks
34. Which sports team does Will Smith own? percentage of the Philadelphia 76ers
35. Who owns the Premier League?It is owned by 20 member club that play in it.
36. Who is the father of football?Walter Chauncey Camp

171+ things you should know, easy, fun general Knowledge quizzes with answers on Space in 2023:

171+ General Knowledge Everyone Should Know (Updated) | 2023 (2)
37. The first man to walk on the moonNeil Armstrong
38. What date did he walk on the moon?July 20, 1969
39. The second man to walk on the moonEdwin Eugene Aldrin Jr.
40. The third man to walk on the moonCharles “Pete” Conrad Jr
41. The instrument used to see starsTelescope
42. What was Neil Armstrong supposed to say when he stepped on the moon?A Man
43. The first woman to walkin space?Savitskaya
44. Who went to the moon from India?Rakesh Sharma
45. Is there a flag on the moon?The LunarFlagAssembly (LFA)
46. What was the first animal on the moon?A dog

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Easy questions everyone should know with answers from the Dictionary in 2023:

47. What is the longest word in the dictionary?Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
48. The shortest word with all five vowels Eunoia
49. One of the weirdest words in the English dictionary Hullaballoo
50. The longestwordin English has 189,819 letters
51. How long does it take to pronounce it threeand a halfhours
52. What word has every letter in it? The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
53. What letter comes after Z? It’s the last letter; nothing comes after it.
54. Which words contain all five vowels? Abstemious and facetious.
55. How is Huawei pronounced? “Wah-Way”!
56. What do you call a word that can be pronounced in two ways? heteronyms

171+ general knowledge everyone should know about Animals in 2023:

171+ General Knowledge Everyone Should Know (Updated) | 2023 (3)
57. tallest animals in the world Giraffe
58. What is the second tallest animal in the world? Elephant
59. The World’s Loudest Animal African Elephant – 117 decibels.
60. How many decibels can kill you? 150decibels
61. How loud is a lion roar? It’s 25 timeslouderthan a gas-powered lawnmower.
62. What is afemale lion called? lioness
63. What is the smallest living thing in the world? Nanoarchaeum equitans.
64. What is the ugliest animal in the world? The blobfish
65. How fast can a tiger run? 49 – 65km/h
66. Which is the smallest animal in India? The Etruscan shrew

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General Knowledge Questions You Should Know On Rivers and Oceans in 2023:

67. What is the longest river in the world in 2018? Nile River
68. What is the deepest river in the world? Congo River
69. What is the smallest river in the world? Roe River
70. Which river crosses the equator twice? Congo River
71. What is the deepest river in the USA? Pocomoke River
72. Which is the smallest ocean? Arctic Ocean
73. Which is the longest river in Asia? Yangtze River
74. Which river crosses the most countries? The Danube
75. How many rivers are in the USA? 250,000 rivers
76. Which ocean is the deepest on Earth? Pacific Ocean
77. What is the deepest river in India?Brahmaputra river
78. How deep is Brahmaputra river? 380 feet

General knowledge everyone should know in 2023:

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79. Which is the tallest statue in the world in 2019? Statue of Unity
80. Height of the tallest statue in the world 2019 182 meters (597 ft)
81. Which is the largest statue? Spring Temple Buddha
82. Who designed the Statue of Unity? Padma Bhushan sculptor Ram Suthar
83. How much does the Patel statue cost? Rs 2,989 crore
84. What is the tallest statue in Africa? African Renaissance Monument
85. What does an African Renaissance monument symbolize? Rebirth ofAfrica
86. Why does the Statue of Liberty hold a torch? It symbolizes Enlightenment
87. What is the tallest statue in America? the Statue of Liberty
88. What is the smallest statue in the world? Järnpojke or Iron Boy

General Knowledge Questions You Should Know about Countries in 2023:

89. How old is Nigeria in the year 2019? 59 years
90. How old is the USA in the year 2018? 243 years
91. Who did Finland gain her independence from? November 1917
92. When did London begin? 50 AD
93. When was Sweden founded? 1397
94. what is the capital of Sweden? Stockholm
95. what is the capital of Nigeria?Abuja
96. what is the capital of congo? Brazzaville
97. what is the capital of France?Paris
98. what is the capital of Portugal?Lisbon

Fun general knowledge quizzes on Country Identity in 2023:

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99. A person from Nigeria is called?Nigerian
100. What is a person from the UK called? British
101. A person from Germany is called? Dutch
102. A person from Russia is called? Russian
103. Aperson from Mozambique is called? Mozambican
104. A person from Ukrain is called? Ukrainian
105. A person from India is Called?Indian
106. A person from China is called?Chinese
107. A person from Togo is called? Togolese
108. A person from Singapore is called? Singaporean
109. A person from Japan is called? Japanese
110. A person from Ghana is called? Ghanaian
111. A person from Morocco is called? Moroccan

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General Knowledge Questions about Tech in 2023:

112. What is the role of a QWERTY keyboardTo slow down typing speed
113. Who maintains Wikipedia?Thousands of Bots
114. What year was Google up for sale?1999
115. Does smoking have any effect on Apple products?Yes, it can affect the warranty
116. Is Email older than WWW?Yes
117. How many times does an average computer user blink?Seven times a minute
118. Who directed Apple’s Macintosh Advert in 1984?Ridley Scott
119. What was the most popular mobile app in 2015?Facebook
120. What was the first domain name registered?symbolics.com
121. What year did Russia build a computer that ran on water?1936

Basic Trivia Questions everyone should know about Cryptocurrency:

122. How volatile is cryptocurrency?Highly volatile
123. Which coin is king in the crypto market?Bitcoin
124. Who invented cryptocurrency?Satoshi Nakamoto
125. Why is the price of bitcoin high?High demand
126. Can Bitcoin hit over $1m?Possible in the future
127. Can cryptocurrency be physically banned?Not possible
128. How many currencies are in the crypto market?Over 6000 currencies
129. What is the use of cryptocurrency? As a decentralized alternative to traditional fiat currency.
130. Was Ethereum a crowdfunded project?Yes
131. Is Ethereum risky?Yes

General Knowledge Questions You should know on Health in 2023:

132. Can laughing increase blood flow?Yes, it can
133. Can reading relieve stress?Yes, it can
134. Men or Women, who is more forgetful?Men
135. Is red meat bad?It can worsen body odor.
136. What can the scent of an apple do?It can ease Claustrophobia
137. Is a tick bite harmful?It can cause an allergy to red meat.
138. What is the most important meal of the day?Breakfast
139. Does exercise affect aging?Yes, it prevents the signs.
140. Does a workout have an effect n your memory?Yes, it sharpens memory.
141. Can bananas improve your health and mood?Yes, it can improve your mood.
142. What is the longest muscle in the bodyThe tongue.
143. Can you kill yourself by holding your breath?No
144. Who invented an electric chairA Dentist
145. Is Corn grown on every continent except?Antarctica.
146. What is the color of the blood of insects?Yellow

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General Knowledge Questions You should know on Blogging in 2023:

147. How do beginner bloggers make money?Display Advertising
148. Can blogging make me rich?Yes! How much money you may make blogging, though, varies widely from blogger to blogger.
149. What was the first blog?Links.net
150. Who started first blogging?Justin Hall
151. What is Google in simple words?Google isthe most popular internet search engine in the world.
152. What does Google stand for?Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth
153. Who owns Youtube?Google
154. Who is the real owner of Yahoo?Verizon Communications
155. Who owns Twitter?Elon Musk
156. Why is it called Blogging?Logging the web, then Weblog, then Blog.
157. What Is a Blogger?You can think of a blogger as a person who owns and manages a blog. Bloggers often encourage online interactions between their followers and other bloggers in the post’s comment section, which helps to create relationships between all parties involved.

General Knowledge Questions You should know on Telecommunication in 2023:

158. What is the first telecommunication in the world?The optical telegraph
159. Who started telecom?Alexander Graham Bell
160. Which country has a 7g network?Norway
161. What is the first telecommunication network in Nigeria?Econet (now Airtel)
162. What is the first telecommunication network in India?Essar
163. What is the oldest mobile network?Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT)
164. Who invented 5G?No one company or person owns 5G

General Knowledge Questions You should know on Real Estate in 2023:

165. Who is the father of real estate?Philip Anthony Payton Jr.
166. Who is the richest realtor?Donald Bren
167. How did Elon Musk get rich?Ownership stakes in Tesla and SpaceX
168. When did real estate first start?Late 19th century
169. What is a person who does real estate called?Realtor
170. What is another word for a real estate broker?Real estate agent
171. How long is real estate school?2-5 Months
172. Is math hard in real estate?No, it isn’t.

Frequently Asked Questions on General Knowledge everyone should know:

What is General Knowledge?

General Knowledge is a lot of information out there that has been collected over time through various sources and channels. There is no room for specialized learning that requires lengthy training and material that is only available in a single media.

What is a trick question?

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The term “trick question” refers to a question designed to elicit a response that is either incorrect or difficult for the person answering it.

What has a head but nobody?

A coin

What is an unanswerable question?

The term “unanswerable” refers to the idea that a question has no answer or that a specific person cannot provide one. Unanswerable inquiries would be asked of their mother by the youngster.


The 171+ things to do in general Knowledge are the basic things a college or high school student should know.

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